Scammers are everywhere. Dont fall victim. Spot It. Report It. Stop It.
  • Before paying, check.

    Search by Picture, Email Address, Username, Pseudo Name, Phone Number and crypto address. Scammers will often use the same or simular online identity, phone number or crypto address. Use our free services to avoid being scammed. Catch them & report them, before they catch you out.

    Dont make a financial transaction, no matter how genuine it may look, without checking. Phone Scams, Dating Scams, Crypto Scams : We record them all.

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Search by Picture

Find Hidden Pictures : If you have a profile picture of your potential scammer, or any other picture or item from them, we can search the web for it and let you know where it was found. Fake pictures by scammers are reused quite often, even

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Let US Watch your Targets!

We watch your Target : Give us a list of emails, pictures, usernames, phone numbers and crypto addresses. We'll keep an eye out across all our systems and email you each week what we find each week!

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Download Professional Reports

PDF Reports : All the information we find can be downloaded in a great looking PDF or just viewed online. Quite often we have 15+ pages of useful information on what you search for.

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Email, Username, Crypto, Phone & Picture Search

Search Everything : We give you maximum opportunities, allowing searching for anything that can link a scammer online.

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Live Profile Scanning

Live User Profiles : We have one of the largest reverse username lookups available online. We'll scan hundreds of social networks, crypto forums, generic forums, dating sites, blogs and other

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Darknet Scanning

Hacked Accounts : Scan hundreds of data breach databases from the Darknet. Find out if who you are talking to has had their email address hacked recently.

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What is Scamsearch ?

Scamsearch is a public database containing reported details of emails, phone numbers, usernames, and crypto details used by scammers. We collect this information and make it freely available to the public.

We are a team of data scientists and computer programmers. We use our knowlage to gather information from public facing APIs and crawl the web for information that will help you fight scams online.

If you have been targeted, file a report and make the internet a little safer. Or, visit our blog and learn more about how to detect scams and deter them.

If you're interested in more features, such as live monitoring, reverse user lookups, email validation or downloadable reports, check out our Members page.

Top Tips

1) Block unwanted calls and text messages.

2) Never give your personal or financial information in response to a request that you dont expect. Even if they claim to have 'secret' information on you.

3) Dont fall for their high pressure, 'must reply now', demands. Its all a trick.

4) Dont talk to people you dont know in person. They could be anyone.

5) Check our database for their email, username, phone number and Crypto address(and file a report!). You wont be the only target.

6) Be mindful of the information you share on social networks. Scammers can use this information against you.

7) If you're online dating, never, ever, send them money.

~ The Scam Search Team

Premium Reports

  • Personal Downloadable Reports in PDF and HTML format.
  • Real-time monitoring of our all our systems for a list of emails, usernames, pictures, crypto addresses and phone numbers, 24/7. We'll email you weekly, what we find.
  • Live Reverse Profile Lookups: Hundreds of Social Networks, Dating Sites, 18+ Adult Sites, Gambling Sites, Crypto Currency Forums searched live.
  • Email Validation : Check if the email address is a free and/or disposable account, or reported for spam.
  • Check if the email has reports of being hacked in the darknet.
  • Check if a password phrase has been released on the darknet.
  • Profile Picture Search : Check if the profile picture of your scammer or an item their trying to sell you exists anywhere else across the web. Find hidden profiles & Pictures.
Access : Premium Reports
  • What Scams do we Monitor?

    Everything! If its a reportable scam, and its occured within the last 5 years, its very likely to be on our systems.

    There have been 130 reports in the last day, 1423 reports in the last week, and 4547 reports in the last month.

    We have reports on:

    • Ransomware
    • Blackmailers
    • Text Fraud
    • Catfishers
    • Dating Scams
    • Hackers
    • E-bay Fraud
    • Fake Goods
    • Amazon Fraud
    • Email Spam
    • Phone Scammers
    • Covid Scams

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