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  • Frequently Asked Questions

What is scamSearch?

ScamSearch is a free, public database of scam reports, created by the public.

What kind of scams do you report?

We cover every single scam you can think of, and the ones you cannot. This includes phone scams and offline scams, such as door-door scams. If a member of the public or a business is the victim of a scam, or an attempted scam, we want to hear about it. The more our community reports these scams, the safer the global community is.

How does this website help the public?

Many scammers are experts at hiding their true identity, and will fool you into thinking they are trustworthy. Our site allows you to run a quick free search, to see if the person, phone number, email address or crypto currency address, has ever been reported as being used by a scammer. If it has, you may want to be cautious in dealing with them.

Is there an API?

Yes. The API is free and public to use, details can be seen in our menu at the top of this page. You can submit reports to us, and perform checks via the api. You'll need to register as a member to get our authentication key. If you use our API in your project please link back to us. If you want to report addresses automatically check out the full API Documentation.

Can you remove a report?

No, in order to protect the integrity of the Scamsearch database we will not remove or edit any reports. However, if a report is clearly malicious, yes we will remove it.

What are you doing to catch the scammer?

Our goal is to publicly document that certain individuals are conducting scams. We hope that law enforcement will use our system as a starting point to conduct any reported investigations. At the very least, attackers will have to work harder to scam people thanks to the reports in our database.

Why should I bother filing a report?

The more reports people file, the higher chance a scammer has of getting caught. Extortion, dating scams, crypto currency scams are growing exponentially. By making your scammer public, it stops them in their tracks to using the identity used to try and scam you. Scammers need to build up their fake online IDs to make them look legitimate. It can take many weeks to make their identities look legitimate. Each report of a scammer stops that ID being used, forcing them to create another. Eventually, it will be too costly to scam people and they will stop (or get caught!). Were also adding a new feature soon that will notify you that someone else has reported the same scammer, and you and the new reporter will be given the opportunuty to talk to each other if you wish.

What else can I do?

If you want to conduct business or possibly date someone that you're a little suspicious of, consider buying a Scam Search risk report ($4.99). It provides quite a bit more information than just searching our website, and includes advanced user profile, dating profile, crypto profile and gambling site scans into an easy to read PDF report that you can download and read at your pleasure. It also supports us in help paying for hosting bills and development costs.